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The preferred way for most of our network members. We handle all the ticket handling and distribution at no charge to the church. You keep 15% of whatever is collected from ticket sales or sales at the door. That helps defer any unexpected expenses or allows you to serve sodas and popcorn at the showing. The reason this method is preferred by our members is that you can create a monthly or bi-monthly movie ministry and it doesn’t impact the church budget. It’s a great outreach ministry at no cost.


We also offer a more traditional way of acquiring the film. It is a blend of a licensing fee plus an offering. We supply you the film at a flat fee and request you take an offering as well with a $5 per person suggested donation. You just send a check for the offering that was collected plus the flat fee.


  • Up to 100 members / regular attendance: $89 plus offering
  • 101-200 members / regular attendance: $189 plus offering
  • 201-5,000 members / regular attendance: $289 plus offering
  • Over 5,000 members. Call for pricing – 614-414-6896


For those who want to have an ongoing movie ministry at the church, we offer a Faith Films Network membership. To be a member, you agree to show at least 6 FFN films over a 12-month period. You get to preview each film and make sure it is appropriate for your church. FFN members get reduced ticket prices, marketing assistance, 20% back on ticket sales and 20% back on the flat fee / offering option.


We want real ministry done in Church in our network. We want you comfortable with the film and emotions and decisions they generate. There will be no contract required to join the network. We will show 9 films in 2018 and 12 in 2019 and beyond. Upon request, you can also preview the film via a private link sent to your electronic device.

FFN provides printable marketing materials – Posters, flyers, bulletin inserts…and for the website and FaceBook page, memes with quotes, trailers and short clips. Click here to see!

No service fees for online ticketing, Take credit cards at the door with our free software!