How FFN Works For Your Church 2018-02-16T16:53:03+00:00

No Contracts

We want real ministry done in Church in our network. We want you comfortable with the film and emotions and decisions they generate. There will be no contract required to join the network. We will show 9 films in 2018 and 12 in 2019 and beyond. Upon request, you can also preview the film via a private link sent to your electronic device.

Church Receives 15% Back!

For mission trips, community outreach, offset any movie presentation expense…whatever you want to use it for!

We have been raised to give back to the church and all the ministries a local church supports. That’s why we return 15% of the ticket sales, whether pre-sale or at the door, to our network churches. We want that 15% to help fund the missionaries you support, send your youth group on a mission trip, contribute to a local food bank, or just pay the electric bill the night you show the film. We want to be a partner in any way to minister to your church, community and the world.

No Minimum Ticket Requirement and Ticketing Support

Whether 1 or 1,000 attends, we believe God will bring people who need to see the film to your church. So, there is no minimum ticket purchase or any other fees.

Ticketing is easy using iTickets, our ticketing partner. As soon as you book the date, iTickets will:

  • Set up ticketing for your event. Customers will be able to order online at, thru their phone center at 800-965-9324, or locally thru your church
  • No online or “at the door” ticketing fee
  • For local sales iTickets will send you a pdf of tickets which you can print off and sell. You can also take credit cards at the door day of show using a computer and the iTickets app
  • Provide you with daily reports showing sales thru iTickets

No service fees for online ticketing, Take credit cards at the door with our free software!