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About The Film

To her legion of fans and friends, Chonda Pierce is the most accessible and open “celebrity” in comedy. Even with that transparency, only pieces of her story have been revealed in live concerts, comedy DVDs, books and her popular FaceBook page. And the last three years, which have seen dramatic and tragic changes in Chonda’s life, show how a loving God, faithful fans and supportive friends have helped Chonda through the darkest times in her career.

Laughing In The Dark chronicles Chonda’s life, her struggles and God’s faithfulness in a way that only Chonda can – with openness, honesty and the humor everyone has come to expect from the best-selling female comedian in history. But it is more than her story. It reveals a path to hope and healing for all those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, loss and grief.

Immediately following the film will be an on-screen event that allows fans to ask questions, get an update to the stories depicted in the film, and hear some of Chonda’s well-known friends discuss healing and faith revealed in their lives. This will also be a call to the churches to recognize the tools God has given those in the medical and counseling communities that can be used to help their congregation physically and emotionally, and a “how to” to equip the body on relating and caring for those who are hurting in the pews around you or next to you.

It’s funny, it’s inspiring and redemptive. You will learn a little more about Chonda, and possibly yourself. Get a group together and cut loose with thousands of other women (yes, and men too) on a night to remember!

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About Chonda Pierce

The Best-selling Female Comedian in History (RIAA certified)
Who is she?

Armed with an abundance of unpretentious Southern charm and laser sharp wit, Chonda Pierce has been entertaining audiences from coast to coast for more than 20 years. An in-demand stand up comic, television hostess and author, Pierce has parlayed her gift for storytelling into a multi-faceted career as a speaker, author, performer and advocate

Pierce has authored six books, released 11 DVDs and performed over 1400 live concerts.

She is the most awarded female comedian in history with 5 Platinum and six Gold certified DVDs

She’s a frequent guest on the famed Grand Ole Opry and has served as host of the Inspirational Country Music Awards, the Dove Awards and the Christian Music Hall of Fame.

Pierce got her first break working at a theme park in Nashville where she performed as Grand Ole Opry star Minnie Pearl. “I think I slipped in the back door,” she says of her entrance in comedy. “I was a college student when I auditioned at Opryland USA and was cast in a music and dance show called Country Music USA. Trouble is, I was a terrible dancer! Southern preacher’s kids can’t dance. They tried to teach me but I had two left feet. My boss told me I had better come up with another talent. She laughs, “In order to keep my job, I memorized three pages of jokes from Grinders Switch, TN and I impersonated Minnie Pearl for six years. I fell in love with this craft. I still love singing and I still try dancing—but comedy is my first love.”

When Pierce decided to pursue comedy full tilt, she recorded “Second Row, Piano Side” a collection that drew heavily on her roots as a preacher’s kid in South Carolina. Growing up in a Southern church provided Pierce with an arsenal of material that both church goers, and those who had never sat in a pew, found hilarious.

“I come straight from the world of wooden pews and hell fire preaching. Some of it probably did a little damage – that’s where I get my warped sense of humor – but most of those days gave me solid roots,” she says. “You learn a lot from your past – what to weed through and throw out and what to hold onto forever.”

Pierce mixes music and comedy into a frothy blend that always leaves audiences laughing hysterically. But it is her honesty as she openly shares her life, struggles and victories with the hundreds or thousands that show up for her concerts. Chonda quickly discovered that her story was everyone’s story as Christians cry for help, answers and healing in every stage of life. Chonda genuinely cares for her fans, praying and lifts them up as they do the same for her.

In addition to lifting the human spirit with laughter, Pierce also devotes her time to charitable endeavors such as the facility she help to found in 2006 to aid those suffering from depression and other recovery issues. “Branches Recovery Center is something I am extremely proud of,” she says. “The vision for Branches came from what I learned in rehab. I wanted to help facilitate the same kind of journey that I took toward wholeness available in my community and much more affordable for people as well.”

Chonda Pierce just may have been the best-kept secret in entertainment for the past decade, a comedian with a firm hold on the heartland of America, but she is quickly gaining acclaim across this country. “Laughing In The Dark” will inform and entertain her legion of fans and reach out to other women who need reassurance that there is hope, that there is a loving God, and that there can be light and laughter – even in the dark.

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